Are You Showing Enough Love For Your Customer?

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"Dear costumer, you are my sun and my moon..."

What to do to make your customer feel special and relatable

Competition among the businesses is getting more and more intense than ever as the development of technology. As marketer’s concerns are the ability to meet the inconsistent needs of consumers, increase the popularity and engagement on the sites; also apply suitable approach to match the ads to the right viewers for marketing. Businesses leverage the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube and many other channels that can reach their customers to spread video ads. However, spreading ads all over the places without any specific strategic and only gain very little in return is a huge waste amount of time and money. Even the most invested campaign can still receive the silent “No” from customer if the approach way was wrong. Instead of wasting our precious resources, businesses need to start an effective strategic in order to give the customers better experience. In this circumstance, this effective strategic called “Personalization video”. If you happened to be a newcomer in this area, please take a quick look at the following content to understand more about personalization video:

Personalization video? What is that?

Personalization video based on customer data to instantly deliver highly-tailor, uniquely designed consistent video ads for each viewer’s interest. Not apply personalizing viewer’s experience equivalent to missing the chance to create the bridge connecting consumers with the brands. In addition, customer service costs can be reduced and on the other hand, customer satisfaction can be increased. Besides of the previous benefits, there are two great benefits of personalization video:

  • Triggers customer engagement:As nowadays, people’s patient is limited and company needs to catch their attention. Personalization video is the perfect approach to reach the client on the personal level they crave. Once client starts to interact, the brands also gain other benefit that linked like: generate more sales, acquiring new clients; introduce new services, products, or news; boosting conversion. As a matter of fact, among 87%of company applied video in their marketing campaigns, however, only 25%of 87% using personalization video; while it can bring the result of increasing 258% in article CTR, 55%of the viewers more likely to share with friends.
  • Bump up the trust: One of the essential factors that affect to the business’s successful is customer trust. Personalization video makes customer believe that their needs are listened and understood, leaving good imprint on customer impression, as a result, the customer trust is achieved. According to IDC reports, 41% of marketing executives see customer loyalty and 34% of brand relevance as top priority so this kit is the perfect match to help them gain the trust.

In a few words, traditional and older advertising approach can still effective in some areas, but if business want to quickly connected through video ads, personalization is the best option. Besides lower the marketing costs, internal operations also run more smoothly and better thanks to personalization video.

Gliastudio, the AI powered video creation platform that can automatically turn text into video, soon will launch its newest and trendiest feature of personalization video. By studying the user behavior, the system will automatically generate a video that favors the audience. Just for you and only you! Make your customer feel special and relatable with our 14 days free trial at Google Cloud Marketplace now!

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