The New Approach of B2B Marketing; Digital Alien, Digital Native, and Digital Immigrant

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We all probably get the basic idea of the differences between B2B and B2C marketing. While B2C marketing often associated with something trendy and updated, B2B marketing will probably be perceived to be something opposite. When it comes to purchases for B2B, businesses see that as an investment for their businesses. So it is very understandable that B2B marketing requires more old-school approach in order to seal the deal. Such as telemarketing, meeting, and even golf appointment. Not only that, the business owner or the decision-maker behind every purchases is assumed to be someone who has decades of experience in the industry. The senior member in the organization who are most probably not be very familiar with technology or digital alien.

That assumption should be unarguable decades ago. But today, the table has turned. Merit on their study about ‘Millennial’ buyers found that some 73% of 20- to 35-year-olds are involved in product or service purchase decision-making at their companies, with one-third reporting that they are the sole decision-maker for their department. About half of all B2B product researchers are digital natives, a number that increases every year, according to a Google/Millward Brown Digital survey of buyers. Now research about your product can be done without even talk with your salesperson or sales representatives. The number of digital-native that take over the purchase decision role is to keep increasing, makes it even more essential to build a good brand persona and strengthen your digital presence through digital marketing.

Before the term ‘digital marketing’ coined, it’s a rule of thumb to not hard sales if you don’t wanna risk harming your brand. So does in the digital age with digital marketing. Informative and resourceful content are much more preferred and proven to increase engagement in comparison with contents that are not. But often time informative content features too many numbers and perhaps even unfamiliar terms that make it not digestible for the audience. Good quality content under the rock would be such a waste. Especially when the noise in the digital world is unfathomable, ask your customer to read your content marketing something that can be too much. Causing content creators has to go extra miles to provide convenience for the audience. While video content marketing seems to be the right answer, creating video is subjected to be a challenging task for content creators.

However, everything is possible in the digital age! While some might terrified their job will be replaced by robots and any other artificial intelligence technology, on the bright side we can leverage technology to upscale workflow efficiency and enhance the work performance such as video making in digital marketing. Not everyone is skilled in video editing however with the demand in the current industry, there’s no exception anymore. Hire a dedicated team to produce a video for your marketing content might not be feasible for some business but of course, this is not the only way out. Gliastudio is one of the examples of artificial intelligence technology that can automatically turn your text into video. With a monthly subscription, you can produce your video marketing content anytime, anywhere, anyhow, by anyone. No video editing skills required and save your editing time in comparison with the traditional editing method. Supported with not only English, but also Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Gliastudio not only aims to empower the media and marketing industry but also enables everyone to increase their content engagement and turn it into leads.

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