Repetitive and Intense Work Kills Creativity Slowly

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Where's my creativity go?

Robot better take my job, whisper most video editors

Burnout. Those who are currently having a job or more must have related. You must have heard that if you love your job, you will never encounter such a thing. However, burnout is something we have always treasure from the old time. Meaningful work has always been the dream for every generation, not only for millennials — although they seem to be the most outspoken about it. But meaningful work most of the time is not something that we found. It is something that we create. Most millennials framed to be very vocal about it because they define it differently with other generations before them. Not because they are the only ones who demand it and the rest was just working for cash.

Although your job, in general, is fun and interesting and you like it very much, you must have — at least once — assigned to a monotonous task that seems no-brainer and extremely boring. Moreover when you are given a specific time constraint to complete that. Sooner or later, you will start to show the symptom of burnout. Even more dangerous if this happens in an industry that requires the continuous flow of creativity. In the article written by Melody Wilding, LMSW, it is proven to impacting memory, working memory, and problem-solving. If this happened often and on a massive scale, it will mean the end for the creative industry such as marketing, media, and entertainment.

Although Art, Entertainment, Recreation, and Information industry are potentially less prone to the full automation trend, it does not free the industry from a repetitive, monotonous, and intense workflow. Creativity is as precious as coal and gold in the media, marketing, and entertainment industry. But just like any other industry, repetitive and monotonous work is a fixed price for some part to keep the operation running smoothly. It’s even getting worse if the one who handles the creative process also maintains the basis operational. Surely the creativity will be drained and drenched overtime. Causing a decrease in productivity.

One example of a job that experiences the overlapping task between repetitive and creative work is the content creator. Digital marketing requires every content creator to provide an adequate and consistent supply of content to be posted in almost every digital platform possible. With video content is on-demand, the workload is not getting any easier. Now every content creator that is not necessarily a video editor need to deal with video editing task, yet still, maintain the spark of creativity in every post generated. Although many tools available out there that can be used to empower the video editing process, nothing is quite there yet to enable the user to fully automate the process. However, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the process of summarizing long text, automatic captioning, footage matching, and clip trimming can be very possible to be automated. This alone can help cut the workload up to half of the total amount of work need to spend.

Gliastudio is a video editing tool powered by AI to automatically turn your text into video. By analyzing your text, the system will deduct the unnecessary words to give you a compact sentence to caption your video. Every keyword found in your text will be translated into video footage in a form of image and video. The length of every clip will be adjusted automatically depends on the length of the text. With almost half of the work delegated to AI, it is possible to lessen the possibility of burnout in the workplace and increase creativity and productivity. A robot such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and algorithm might not be able to fully overtake human job. However, some are very hopeful to be empowered by the robot to eliminate the unnecessary and less meaningful efforts that are allocated on the monotonous and repetitive work.

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