A Tale of Quality and Quantity in Video Marketing


We Can’t Have It all, Says Who?

Everyone is doing video marketing today. It is not a really surprising fact considering that online video has literally exploded during the last 5 years, with YouTube reporting that mobile video increases by 100% every year. This even heated up with a huge ratio of 65% of American marketers plan to increase their mobile ad budgets to include video and 96% of B2B organizations are using video in their marketing campaigns, with 73% of them reporting positive results to their ROI. And this is no longer an assumption. A recent survey by Databox proved that 74% of respondents said videos are more effective than blog posts for generating leads.

To grow the conversion lead, balancing the quantity and quality of your marketing content is almost always the answer. Pathfactoryfound that you will most likely double the conversion if your audience consumes more of your content. Come up with top-notch quality content requires a rigorous amount of brainstorming and research. While translating itself into a video also can’t be underestimated. Quoting from Adobe Community Forum, it takes roughly one-hour video editing to produce one minute’s edited video. Now the challenge seems to be real. With the shift from text to video in marketing material and digital marketing world, will the principle to balance the quantity and quality still apply? We are talking about creating a type of content with much higher complexity in almost the same rate of quantity to be produced in the same time frame given.

And yes, the solution is predictable. Since you cant risk either the quality or quantity, increasing the number of the content creator seems to be the only resort. With the revolution in the technological industry, employing technology that results in almost equal efficiency and effectiveness with human effort is now possible to be included in the option. GliaStudio can help you unlock and maximize the hidden potential and opportunity that you might miss with your current limitation. Using Artificial Technology (AI), GliaStudio saves you tons of hassle you might encounter during the video marketing creation process. As our initial purpose is to empower the media industry, we believe there will be no technology that can beat human creativity. By adding GliaStudio to your video creation process, now your existing team can double — even triple — their productivity. Balancing both quantity and quality to achieve the aimed leads.

Not only the editing process that can be bothersome, sometimes to get the perfect footage as desired can be quite challenging. Whether you will retrieve that from free open-source sites like Youtube or paid media assets pool such as Storyblocks, the download-upload process still not in favor. GliaStudio offers you the experience of a ‘one-stop solution’ for your video editing work. Powered with thousands high quality and royalty-free media assets from the picture, video, to music background, now you can literally visualize — or we often termed it as videolize — your content into a video within our platform without any other external media input.

Now we can have it all.

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