Effect/ filter

Modify your plain video clip or simply fix the color with various selection of filter effect. Enhance the emotion and ambience of your video to fit your needs!

How to add filter on the video


How to:

1. Select the effect

Choose the effect you wish to apply on your video. If you wish to apply different effect on particular clip,, simply drag the effect to the “DROP HERE” section on the clip.

2. Double check

Check the effect to make sure you like it or not by choose “More edit” -> “Effect”.
For “Dots everywhere”, you are able to adjust the color to your taste.

3. Apply the effect

Be sure to click “Apply” before moving on to the next to save the adjustment that has been made on the video.

Other Tools

Transition effect video

One of the keys to creating a great video is the clips that glide eloquently. Having several footages combined sometimes can be rough and tacky. It is an absolute nightmare for all video editors. Unite all of your video footages together by applying the transition effect of your choice!

Add Background Sound to Video

Refine your video content with the most relatable audio background to bring the emotion and ambiance as you intended to your to the audience. Uplifting, intense, playful, gloomy? We got you covered! With hundreds of royalty-free music selection for your wholesome video production. Maximize your content at Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platform with legally copyrighted audio!