Empower your team to create marketing videos with ease

Create Marketing Video can be faster and smarter

Empower social marketing with videos in 3 formats.

Make the best use of your social platforms!
  • Easily covert videos square, vertical, or landscape format for various social platforms
  • Share videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to facilitate your workflow
  • Spread your video content on suitable social media with ease

UGC marketing videos brings your fans together!

A whole new approach to content marketing.
  • Transform social posts with particular #hashtag into videos to raise campaign awarness
  • Create real-time marketing videos base on user generated content across social media
  • Perfect for brands, advertizing agencies, and event organizers to promote marketing events

Produce product videos at scale in minutes!

Generate buzz and drive attention from customers
  • Create product teasers or online/offline event videos for product promotion
  • Perfect for e-commerce platform to generate videos from product site
  • Make marketing efforts more profitable by A/B testing with videos

Personalized video content is on the wave!

Leverage 1:1 marketing at scale to reach target audiences
  • Output form in content marketing by connecting with your audiences and driving sales with personalized message
  • Brands can deliver individualized, timely and relevant messages to engage customers
  • Take advantage of customer data and leverage video to compel consumer behavior change

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