Text Style

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Transform your plain text into something that speaks character.

How to edit the text style

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Select the text that you want to edit. You can select the text group (i.e. Headline Text or Title Text) or highlight the particular part of the text that you want to adjust.

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Click the Text Style icon on the upper-right bar to open the editing bar. On the editing panel of the Text Style, you can see the following item that will be discussed briefly:

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Text Effect

Add extra effects to your text such as shadow, highlight, box, border, or blur border. If your text has any effect other than normal, you will be able to change the color of the effect on the Text Color panel. 

Font Text

Change the font text from the selection font available or upload your text with the premium plan.

Font Size

Adjust the size of your text on the font size bar. You can either choose from the font size selection or enter the desired font size number for your text.

Font Bold

Set your text to bold using by clicking the bold icon to apply the changes to your text.

Font Case

Automatically change the case of your text into upper-case or lower-case.


Unlike Text Position, Text Alignment aligns your text to the text frame instead of the video frame. Align your text to the left, center, and right.

Letter Spacing

Edit the spacing between the letter of your text by adjusting the slider to the left (to reduce the space between the letter) or right (to add the space between the letter).

Line Height

Edit the spacing line or line height by adjusting the slider to the left (to reduce the height of the line) or right (to add the height of the line).

Style Size

If you apply any effect to your text on the text effect bar, adjust the size of the effect using the slider to the left (to reduce the size of the style) or right (to add the size of the style).

Other Tools

Text Color

Edit the text color of your video in style!

Text Position

Adjust your text position proportionately for your video.

Duplicate Video File

Make several version of your edited video by simply edit the duplicated file without losing the original