Google Cloud Marketplace Is The Right Place ForYour SaaS If..

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How to focus on developing and only developing your product

SaaS is a lucrative industry today. There’s no better day to grow or even start your SaaS business.TechCrunchdescribe this occurrence as phenomenal as the PC market in 1983, the smartphone market in 2003, or the search market in 1998. With the rapid advancement of technology, the approach of SaaS sales is significantly different than it first introduced. Now software can be purchased online without any physical medium like back when we installed Microsoft Office in our very first computer years ago. Although software now can be purchased online, download and installation sometimes are still needed. When it comes to software installation, it is undoubtedly will occupy the huge chunk of the storage. Also not to forget to calculate the time allocated to prepare and set up everything from zero to ready-use tool. This sometimes grows the hesitation for the user to use — even try out — SaaS product unless it is very essential or highly known such as Microsoft Office and Adobe.

Just when you think your SaaS product will not stand a chance, today we are introduced with something that is not necessarily new but not quite familiar for most of the SaaS provider and potential users; cloud marketplace. Google Cloud Marketplace is one of many marketplace providers out there. Although the drawback is it requires to be connected with the internet, half of the world population is currently online. The marketplace is predicted to become more favorable for many users to SaaS-hunting because it eliminates all of the hassles of setting up and using the software in an old-way. At a glance, the marketplace can completely cut off the download and installation process to then proceed to the core business of using the software as a tool. It also enables the creator to serve the most updated version of the product to the user in real-time.

Taking one example of video editing software, that is powered by artificial intelligence, Gliastudio. By using the traditional way, it will take up a surely gigantic space due to the advanced feature it offers. Aside from the artificial intelligence technology that enables Gliastudio to automate most of its video creation process, its media asset itself contains thousands of HD photos, high-quality videos, and royalty-free music stocks. Generating and producing video also other activities that can consume huge storage space. By integrating the activity into a cloud system, it will significantly reduce the process from slowing down due to lagged system. All of the video generated can also be stored nicely in the cloud without having to worry about lost and/or hidden files. The cloud system also supports Gliastudio to enable the user to share their editing drafts available to preview by other people before finalizing the production. It also allows collaborative work during the editing process. All-in-all, integrate your SaaS to the cloud marketplace offers all of the possible convenience to your user. Try the convenient of cloud computing using Gliastudio free trial at Google Cloud Marketplace for 14 days!

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