Online Video Editing

Download and upload your material is just too much hassle to create your video. Edit your clip from URL without having to upload them. Simply paste your URL to add it to your media library and you are ready to go!

How to use Online Video Editing

source url.png

How to:

1. Add the media

Click ‘+ADD’ and ‘Source URL’ to add the media that you want to be included in your video.

2. Insert the media URL

Paste the media URL retrieved from another source to be inserted on your GliaStudio account. The file should be either image (JPEG/PNG) or video (MO4) without any size restrictions.

3. Select to add

Click ‘Select’ if the link redirected to the correct media. The media will be added automatically to your Gliastudio account for you to use during the video editing process.

Other Tools

Add Media without Upload

Create a video with zero of your personal media assets is now possible! Gliastudio provides thousands of free photo and video stocks for unlimited use! You can also paste your URL for more options.