Transition Effect


One of the keys to creating a great video is the clips that glide eloquently. Having several footages combined sometimes can be rough and tacky. It is an absolute nightmare for all video editors. Unite all of your video footages together by applying the transition effect of your choice!

How to make your video transitioning smoothly

Transition - Gliastudio v3.png

How to:

1. Preview the transition

Place the cursor on top of the transition selection to preview before applying the effect.

2. Choose the transition

Choose the transition that you want to apply to your video clip. Thick “Apply to all clips” if you wish to use the same transition for the whole video.

3. Apply the transition

Be sure to click ‘Change’ apply the transition effect before progressing to the nex

Other Tools

Video Music

Refine your video content with the most relatable audio background to bring the emotion and ambiance as you intended to your to the audience. Uplifting, intense, playful, gloomy? We got you covered! With hundreds of royalty-free music selection for your wholesome video production. Maximize your content at Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platform with legally copyrighted audio!

Video Layout

Decide where your text will be posited! Make sure to have both of your amazing footage and fruitful information subtitle be presented side by side on your video. We provide various text layout to choose that will perfectly suit your clip nevertheless.

Voice Over - Automatic Robot Voice Generator

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