Trim Video

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Timing is king! Admit it, you don’t need the entire footage to be included in your video.

How to Trim Video

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How to:

1. Select the clip

Select the video you want to trim by clicks the selected clip. Click the ‘Media’ button and click ‘Trim’ to start the editing process.

2. Start the clip editing

Drag the white sliders to select the time range for your video. Moving the whole range by clicking the center of it, drag to the point you want the video to be played.

3. Apply the change

Click “Apply” to save the change and close the editing box. Preview the edited version by placing the cursor on top of the clip. Simply redo the process if you are not pleased with the result.

Other Tools

Crop video

Make sure your clip fits your video frame to maximize your audience’s experience. Resize or crop your video!

Online Video Editing

A cloud-base video editing platform. No need to download and install the software!

Add External Source Media

Create a video with zero of your personal media assets is now possible! Gliastudio provides thousands of free photo and video stocks for unlimited use! You can also paste your URL for more options.